Services offered by International Liban Company

With an experience of almost 10 years in Libya, the International Libyan Company has all the licenses of the Libyan state to operate a full range of assistance services allowing international, diplomatic and private organizations to move to Libya or to settle down safely.
To do this, the International Libyan Company works in symbiosis with the services of the Libyan state and recognized international partners and meets very demanding specifications.

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Legal and business support services:

Security escort service

Administrative and Consular Services

Logistic services

Legal and business support services:

. Advice before implantation
. Due diligence
. Support in the search for partners and subcontractors
. Implementation advice

Security escort service:

– Advice before moving or setting up
– Travel preparation
– Security information on Libya or in a specific area
– Preparatory administrative procedures
– Recognition and contacting before travel
– Airport reception
– Safety briefing
– Security support strictly adapted to the situation with highly experienced international and local staff and including the provision of suitable vehicles and equipment
– Securing parking places through human and technical solutions
– Follow-up of movements from an operations room equipped with a wide spectrum of human and technical capacities
– 24/7 Security Hotline
Elements reserved 24/7 in case of need for intervention
– Support for crisis management
24/7 deployment of resources in case of rapid evacuation (Land, Air, Sea)

Administrative and Consular Services:

A. Facilitation of administrative procedures between ministries up to the highest level
state level (MOFA MOI.MINECO)
b. Support for obtaining visas
vs. Implementation advice
d. Support in obtaining administrative and commercial authorizations
e. Advice to investors
F. Business development support
g. Facilitation of the transfer and establishment of personnel
h. Multi-domain training

Logistic services

A. Support for setting up anywhere in Libya
b. Proposal of real estate solutions to the location meeting the need
vs. Broad spectrum of facility maintenance solutions
d. Organization of meetings or events of all levels
e. Import service of all types of equipment and devices authorized by the regulations